Here are a few of my favourite places:

Kosovo: Back to the Balkans on the long road to peace

A political tour is the perfect way to get to grips with the recent history of a nation, as I discovered on a return visit to the region

To seek Le Corbusier, go to India

The most extensive work of the modernist messiah is on the subcontinent, a long way from his Swiss-French origins

On the New Zealand wine trail

While climate change threatens some of the world’s most famous wine regions, some previously obscure Kiwi towns are coming into their own

Keeping up with the Doges in Venice

A new boat trip rekindles the stately opulence of the old city republic – if only briefly

Ticket to ride in Hong Kong

The advice in this article is distilled from many visits to Hong Kong, one of the most exciting cities in the world. I first came here when Britain was in charge, watched the handover to China in 1997, and still return whenever I get the chance