Ballad of a South African football fan

Just before the World Cup in South Africa, I returned to Johannesburg to interview the hero of the first football match in which black and white South Africans played for the same team. It was a little piece of history, forgotten after Soweto rose up exactly three months later

Last of the few: the Czechs who helped to save Britain

The 2002 film ‘Dark Blue World’ celebrated the Czech air aces who fought in the Battle of Britain. In Prague I met some of the last survivors of that era, and found that instead of being hailed as heroes on their return, they were persecuted by the postwar Communist regime

Bangladesh: still standing on one leg

Many Westerners learned the true cost of the cheap Bangladesh-made clothing they wear when they saw the ruins of the Rana Plaza factory. But the country cannot do without its main export industry when it has such dysfunctional politics

Israel’s less than happy 60th birthday

The Jewish state has defeated all threats since 1948. But with its geography and history, will it ever be at peace?